Speed and Culture

Though culture is created by humankind, and while it flows from our habits, our industry, our religion, our pass-times, it is ever changing and…is this change speeding up?  What happens when culture becomes less of a reflection of people and civilizations, and becomes more of an impulse, more of a driving force?

Are we in control during these Quintillion times?

The images in the video below represent the evolution of communication; from cave drawings, to the town crier, to print and the Internet.  In parallel, other pictures represent the growth of people in their lives, and as a species evolving, and nature growing – flowers blossoming.  The Earth’s magnetic field, and the magnetic field of the human remind us that, like our planet, we ARE nature too.

So the question is, as we ponder evolution, do we want to stay that way during the Quintillion times?

“What way?” you may ask.

The “natural way”. At what point do we cease being human?  At what point does our existence as individuals depend on technological prosthetics?

Already, we are extending our flesh bodies and souls into the sphere of technology.  We already use prosthetics where we have lost limbs, and we are already extending ourselves into a non-material, non three dimensional world – the Internet.  We do so by wearing cameras and uploading our experiences to the Net, then pulling media back out.  We live there more and more.

Are we at the dawn of  a new species: “Homo Cyber Sapien”?


Please view the video “Combobulated”, below.

Edit: March 11, 2014

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) just aired an interesting discussion about Transhumanism.  I guess Homo Cyber Sapien never caught on as a term, but Transhumanism describes humans using technology as prosthetics for physical purposes and also for quickening or sharpening mental processes.  Here’s the link to the audio-cast. It features interviews with Nicholas Agar, author of Truly Human Enhancement; and Russell Blackford, author of Humanity Enhanced.  http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bodysphere/human-enhancement/5294752

As we add prosthetics that project ourselves into the Internet, and connect us virtually to one-another, do we become cyborgs?  At what point do we become a new species, physically dependent on our technologies?

At what point do we cease being human? Questions to ponder during the Quintillion Times.

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