Mass Media and the Eye

Leonardo Da Vinci called the eye, “the window of the soul”.  It is as though Da Vinci imagined a soul, just peering out at the world from behind human eyes…

I imagine Immanuel Kant might say “the eye is our mind’s window to the world”.

The eye is bombarded with rays of light – fragments through which we perceive reality.  Our mind assembles these myriad pixels of input and tries to make sense of it.

The mind categorizes and compares to a newly renovated norm.  The norm is what we expect to happen after having experienced it several times.  It continues to evolve as we synthesize more and more data – we are parsing and perceiving reality.

This becomes our perception of the world around us, we construct it into a meaningful metaphor; then we live there – within our own interpretation.

The eye, the mind, the consciousness, the unconscious – all are trying to make sense of the world for the soul.  The soul hangs on for the ride.

Think of how many images the average person absorbs daily.  Do they affect the person?  Their taste in fashion for example, or their judgment upon others?  What of the effect on the self?  Daily, thousands of images of the “perfect” feminine form are available to the eye, conscious of it or not.  How does it affect a teenage girl’s consciousness-of-self, her self-esteem?

In the video below, the themes are mirrors, women looking into mirrors, and media all around us – informing us; forming us.  To what extent have we been colonized?

Please view the video “Girl-Private”, below.

Think more during The Quintillion Times.

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