The Quintillion Times is an experiment I’m using to develop some ideas and some multi-media skills.

Please view “Deconstructing Commercials” for my take on the “ubiquitous commercial communication that takes place all-around us.”

The mission of The Quintillion Times is to reflect the culture taking place around us.  The Quintillion Times seeks also to reflect on culture, and its effects on – and relationship to – the human soul, the open eye.

Please view “Culture and Media” for a more experimental examination of the culture that surrounds us.  The video-collages in this section are created by me, erictronix.

“Future Comms” includes some observations about culture, the Internet, media and the coming changes that technology is thrusting upon us.  We populate the Web.  The Web becomes an extension of ourselves; a technological prosthetic.  We – the Internauts – are the inhabitants of these Quintillion Times.